Welcome to Thinkey.de and RubbiCo.de

 The brand new RubbiCo is the perefct for brain training!

The new RubbiCo is perfect for young and old
For any break, in the office, during trips, on your chair - so everywhere you want, where you are in the mood for an exciting brainteaser game.
                                                                                  We are looking for partners worldwide

About us


We're introducing the new RubbiCo brain teaser game


Over many millions of different positions are possible and there is only one solution.


RubbiCo supports and trains the brain as well as the concentration and is ideal as a brain teaser.


RubbiCo helps with spatial thinking and logical implementation of tasks and combines procedures in mathematics.


RubbiCo is a great brain trainer for on the go, traveling, is always in the suitcase and is a lot of fun.


How the RubbiCo works and is played we will introduce through an extensive guide and different video clips.


RubbiCo is fun and makes you smarter! RubbiCo is awesome but also ingeniously cheap.




RubbiCo / Sweepstake


We will be making a raffle for all the consumer who will register for the launch of RubbiCo. We are planning a price in the form of a car or equivalent. We will continue to report about these and other actions / events.


We will produce regional and national events and clips. There will be a community that can communicate worldwide. In the social media, we will introduce the latest trend and models.




Our task and goals


What we will do


We produce and promote the new RubbiCo


The RubbiCo is a new and ingenious puzzle game.


There are millions and millions of possible positions, but there is only one possible solution.


The new RubbiCo is also a super advertising medium for your message.


RubbiCo 1 starts now. There will be more an different models launched in the future.


RubbiCo will go around the world and in a community we will introduce the other models and trends in social media.


RubbiCo should not only be fun but will also connect everyone through its availability to everyone.


RubbiCo will select the best "players" in the world.




About us / Shop


RubbiCo is also available with your advertising (on request)


Individually or as 2- and 5-packs the RubbiCo can be ordered in the shop.


The respective agreements apply to dealers and licensees.




Advertising & Design


There is a gigantic advertising space on the RubbiCo (top / front) and (bottom / back). If necessary we can provide you with great designs, suggestions and the finalized artwork by our design department.


The RubbiCo has an appealing proportion and is very handy.


The RubbiCo can be individually designed both inside and outside / back. The back is 100% printable.


You can also order the RubbiCo plain and apply the printing by yourself.






We are looking for advertising partners


We are looking for distributors (worldwide)


We are looking for licensees


Please give us a call and tell us how you want to work with us.


RubbiCo will become international. We are looking for partners in every country.


RubbiCo is marketed in conjunction with specially designed games.


RubbiCo can and should be marketed as a giveaway advertising message.